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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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2013 Missionaries 50 Days Prayer Calendar

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    BMAA Missions website is no longer displaying the calendar online.
     God didn't have to commission us. He could have written the Gospel across the sky. He could have written it on the back of every man's hand. But He chose to partner with us in the Great Commission. And He set the pattern for us to follow.
     We partner with God by praying, giving, and going. And we partner with one another through BMAA Missions. We're not here to do missions for you. Our purpose is not just to collect and distribute money or administrate a missionary program. We're here to partner with you and your church to fulfill the Great Commission. We call it "Partnering in the Great CoMission." That's what "50 Days of Prayer & Partnership" is all about. And that's the whole idea behind this Perpetual Prayer Calendar.
     You, your church, BMAA Missions, and God. Partnering together to win the world for Christ, by His power and for His glory. That's the power of partnership.

Missionaries Need "Real Life" Prayer 

Missionaries are people just like us. They are not necessarily "super-Christians" that live above the regular needs and stresses of everyday life. They have special prayer needs, so here are some ways that you can pray for them and their families.
  • Physical Health

Most international missionaries live in constant exposure to diseases. Food and water must be prepared safely. Pray for God's shield of protection.
  • Language

Learning how to talk, shop, preach, and converse in a foreign language is a difficult experience. Pray that God would provide a supernatural grasp of the language.
  • Relations with Nationals

Due to differences in customs, misunderstandings can arise even among Christian brothers. Pray for cross-cultural understanding.
  • Missionary Kids

Family life is often harder to maintain on the mission field because of heavy schedules of preaching, frequent moves, and furloughs. Pray for missionary kids and their parents.


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The annual fundraiser started in 1980 as the Walk-A-Thon. Since that time we have gone through a few name changes, but the emphasis of the “Walk” has remained the same. Our goal is to involve as many of our churches as possible by challenging them to register and then get sponsors and walk or run in the annual Lifeword event. If folks will give, Lifeword will go with the good news of Life in Jesus Christ. The world is our target. So, Walk/Run for the World, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).
Special Emphasis
Churches that comprise the Baptist Missionary Association of America are for the most part missions-minded congregations. Many of those churches enjoy being challenged to do more for missions and being given a plan of action to do that. That is why the various ministries in the BMA have “special emphases” to provide a way for the churches who so desire to go the extra mile. Walk/Run for the World in Lifeword’s annual “special emphasis.”
This annual event normally takes place in October.


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