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By Mrs. Connie Reifsteck - Sept 2010

Quoting the Bible

There are many expressions of speech used commonly in everyday speech. Probably many people don’t know these expressions originate in the Bible.  Below are several expressions which are routinely used.  Look up the scripture texts to find where the expression came from.

 1.  “the apple of his eye”                                   Zech. 2:8; Lam. 2:18

 2.  “the salt of the earth”                                   Matt. 5:11; 5:13

 3.  “a thorn in the flesh”                                    2 Cor. 12:7

 4.  “a pearl of great price”                                 Matt. 13:45-46

 5.  “a drop in a bucket”                                     Isaiah 40:15

 6.  “the fat of the land”                                      Gen. 45:18

 7.  “no man can serve two masters”                   Matt. 6:24

 8.  “an eye for an eye”                                      Exodus 21:24

 9.  “one jot or one tittle”                                    Matt. 6:18

10.  “clear as crystal”                                        Rev. 21:11; 22:1

11.  “the widow’s mite”                                      Mark 12:41-44

12.  “the handwriting on the wall”                        Dan. 5:5

13.  “the powers that be”                                    Rom. 13:1

14.  “all things to all men”                                  I Cor. 9:22

15.  “out of the mouths of babes”                        Matt. 21:16; Psalm 8:2

16.  “man shall not live by bread alone”               Deut. 8:3

17.  “heap coals of fire on his head”                    Prov. 25:22

18.  “eat, drink and be merry”                             Matt. 12:19

19.  “a bottomless pit”                                       Rev. 20:1 & 3

20.  “judge not that ye be not judged”                 Matt. 7:1

Don’t forget, The Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule also come from the bible.   There are many other expressions of speech which have their foundation in the Bible.  See how many others you can think of and find the scripture texts they are taken from.