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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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WMA - Women's Missionary Auxiliary
     The Women's Missionary Auxiliary is a group of women authorized by missionary Baptist churches on the local, district, state and national levels, banded together to encourage each other in their Christian growth and to aid in the ministries of their church and her associations through personal ministry and youth auxiliaries. She seeks to actively help the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of America to carry the gospel to every corner of the world through local missions projects, personal and corporate evangelism, Christian education, and benevolence. She seeks to serve as an advocate for the needs of local, state, interstate, and foreign missionaries to the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of America.
     The Auxiliary is an organization designed to provide a scriptural avenue of service to women who wish to use their talents and resources to magnify the Lord. Women who are interested in spiritual growth through Bible study, support and promotion of worldwide missions, evangelism, benevolence, and Christian fellowship will find unlimited opportunities in the Women's Missionary Auxiliary.


Standard of Excellence
  1. That a local Women's Missionary Auxiliary hold at least 75 percent of the total meetings scheduled each quarter.
  2. That the average attendance be at least 75 percent of the enrollment each quarter.
  3. That at least 75 percent of the enrollment be Daily Bible Readers each quarter.
  4. Financial reports: prepare four copies per quarter (local records, district secretary-treasurer, state corresponding secretary, and national corresponding secretary).
  5. That the auxiliary be represented in at least four associational meetings each year, either district, state or national.
  6. Financial support: support the district, state, and national Women's Missionary Auxiliary each quarter by completing the national financial report and sending it with money to each respective auxiliary: district, state, and national.
  7. That the Women's Missionary Auxiliary promote and sponsor youth auxiliaries in the local church, as well as in the district, state, and national levels.
  8. That the Auxiliary follow the Women's Missionary Auxiliary Plan of Work, and/or the suggested Alternate Study in the Women's Missionary Auxiliary Manual and Guidebook.

 Women's Page
     The Women's Page was created for women, by women. Presented by Mrs. Connie Reifsteck. Connie has been a member of Zion Baptist Church since 1963. She grew up in the auxiliary programs as a GMA, YLA, and a WMA worker. Connie has been the president of the Washington County District WMA, president of the Missouri State WMA, a Recording Secretary for the National WMA, and also provides study programs for Zion’s WMA.
Women's Page - Study programs.

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